Recent Publications

Recent research papers from the Biorefinery Centre

Wood I.P., Pearson B., Garcia-Gutierrez E., Havlickova L., He Z., Harper A.L., Bancroft I., Waldron K.W. (2017)
Carbohydrate microarrays and their use for the identification of molecular markers for plant cell wall composition

Wood I.P., Garcia-Gutierrez E., Wellner N., Waldron K.W. (2017)
Feedstock selection for polymer and chemical production: feedstock-specific recalcitrance
Faraday Discussions

Canali M., Amani P., Aramyan L., Gheoldus M., Moates G., Ostergren K., Silvennoinen K., Waldron K., Vittuari M. (2016)
Food Waste Drivers in Europe, from Identification to Possible Interventions
Sustainability 9 37

Attard T. M., Bogel-Lukasik R. M., Brncic M., da Costa Lopes A. M., Finell M., Geladi P., Gerschenson L. N., Gogus F., Herrero M., Hunt A. J., Ibanez E., Kamm B., Mateos-Aparicio Cediel I., Matias A., Mavroudis N., Montoneri E., Morais A. R. C., Nilsson C., Papaioannou E. H., Richel A., Ruperez P., Skrbic B., Bodroza-Solarov M., Svarc-Gajic J., Waldron K., Yuste F. (2016)
Pre-treatment and extraction techniques for recovery of added value compounds from wastes throughout the agri-food chain
Green Chemistry 18 6160-6204

Wood I.P., Cao H. G., Tran L., Cook N., Ryden P., Wilson D. R., Moates G. K., Collins S. R. A., Elliston A., Waldron K. (2016)
Comparison of saccharification and fermentation of rice straw and rice husk
Biotechnology for Biofuels 9 193

Miller C.N., Harper A.L., Trick M., Werner P., Waldron K., Bancroft I. (2016)
Elucidation of the genetic basis of variation for stem strength characteristics in bread wheat by Associative Transcriptomics
BMC Genomics 17 500

Azeredo H.M.C., Waldron K.W. (2016)
Crosslinking in polysaccharide and protein films and coatings for food contact – a review
Trends in Food Science and Technology 52 109-122

Oliveira T.I.S., Redondo L.Z., Moates G.K., Wellner N., Cross K., Waldron K.W., Azeredo H.M.C. (2016)
Pomegranate peel pectin films as affected by montmorillonite
Food Chemistry 198 107-112

Azeredo H.M.C., Morrugares-Carmona R., Wellner N., Cross K., Bajka B., Waldron K.W. (2016)
Development of pectin films with pomegranate juice and citric acid
Food Chemistry 198 101-106

Oliveira T.I.S., Rosa M.F., Calvalcante F.L., Pereira P.H.F., Moates G.K., Wellner N., Mazzetto S.E., Waldron K. W., Azeredo H.M.C. (2016)
Optimization of pectin extraction from banana peels with citric acid by using response surface methodology
Food Chemistry 198 113-118

Wood I.P., Cook N., Wilson D.R., Ryden P., Robertson J., Waldron K.W. (2016)
Ethanol from a biorefinery waste stream: saccharification of amylase, protease and xylanase treated wheat bran
Food Chemistry 198 125-131

Merali Z., Marjamaa K., Kasper A., Kruus K., Gunning A.P., Morris V.J., Waldron K.W. (2016)
Chemical characterization of hydrothermally pretreated and enzyme-digested wheat straw: An evaluation of recalcitrance
Food Chemistry 198 132-140

Paniagua C., Blanco-Portales R., Barceló-Muñoz M., García-Gago J., Waldron K. W., Quesada M.A., Muñoz-Blanco J., Mercado J. A. (2016)
Antisense down-regulation of the strawberry β-galactosidase gene FaβGal4 increases cell wall galactose levels and reduces fruit softening
Journal of Experimental Botany 67 619-631

Pose S., Kirby A. R., Paniagua C., Waldron K. W., Morris V.J., Quesada M.A., Mercado J. A. (2015)
The nanostructural characterization of strawberry pectins in pectate lyase or polygalacturonase silenced fruits elucidates their role in softening
Carbohydrate Polymers 132 134-145

Maxwell E.G., Colquhuon I.J., Chau H.K., Hotchkiss A.T., Waldron K.W., Morris V.J., Belshaw N.J. (2015)
Rhamnogalacturonan I containing homogalacturonan inhibits cancer cell proliferation by decreasing ICAM1 expression
Carbohydrate Polymers 132 546-553

Wood I.P., Wellner N., Elliston A., Wilson D., Bancroft I., Waldron K. (2015)
Effect of Brassica napus cultivar on cellulosic ethanol yield
Biotechnology for Biofuels 8 99

Zhao X., Moates G.K., Elliston A., Wilson D. R., Coleman M.J., Waldron K. W. (2015)
Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of steam exploded duckweed: Improvement of the ethanol yield by increasing yeast titre
Bioresource Technology 194 263-269

Azeredo H.M.C., Kontou-Vrettou C., Moates G.K., Wellner N., Cross K., Pereira P.H.F., Waldron K.W. (2015)
Wheat straw hemicellulose films as affected by citric acid
Food Hydrocolloids 50 1-6

Elliston A., Wilson D. R., Wellner N., Collins S. R. A., Roberts I. N., Waldron K. W. (2015)
Effect of steam explosion on waste copier paper alone and in a mixed lignocellulosic substrate on saccharification and fermentation
Bioresource Technology 187 136-143

Field S. J., Ryden P., Wilson D., James S. A., Roberts I. N., Richardson D. A., Waldron K. W., Clarke T. A. (2015)
Identification of furfural resistant strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces paradoxus from a collection of environmental and industrial isolates
Biotechnology for Biofuels 8 33

Merali Z., Collins S. R. A., Elliston A. E., Wilson D. R., Kasper A., Waldron K. W. (2015)
Characterization of cell wall components of wheat bran following hydrothermal pretreatment and fractionation
Biotechnology for Biofuels 8 23

Elliston A., Wood I. P., Soucouri M. J., Tantale R. J., Dicks J., Roberts I. N., Waldron K.W. (2015)
Methodology for enabling high-throughput simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF) screening of yeast using solid biomass as a substrate
Biotechnology for Biofuels 28 2

Zhao X., Moates G.K., Wilson D.R., Ghogare R., Coleman M., Waldron K.W. (2015)
Steam explosion pretreatment and enzymatic saccharification of duckweed (Lemna minor) biomass
Biomass & Bioenergy 72 206-215

Huong Giang C., Osatiashtiani A., Cristina dos Santos V., Lee A. F., Wilson D. R., Waldron K. W., Wilson K. (2014)
Valorisation of Vietnamese Rice Straw Waste: Catalytic Aqueous Phase Reforming of Hydrolysate from Steam Explosion to Platform Chemicals
Catalysts 4 414-426

Collins S. R. A., Wellner N., Martinez I., Harper A., Miller C., Bancroft I., Waldron K.W. (2014)
Variation in the chemical composition of wheat straw: the role of tissue ratio and composition
Biotechnology for Biofuels 7 121

Tropea A., Wilson D. R., La Torre L., Lo Curto R. B., Saugman P., Troy-Davies P., Dugo G., Waldron K. W. (2014)
Bioethanol Production from Pineapple Wastes
Journal of Food Research 3 60-70

Elliston A., Faulds C. B., Roberts I. N., Waldron K. W. (2014)
Biorefining of waste paper biomass: Increasing the concentration of glucose by optimising enzymatic hydrolysis at high substrate loads
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 172 3621-3634

Ryden P., Gautier A., Wellner N., Tapp H. S., Horn S. J., Eijsink V. G. H., Waldron K. W. (2014)
Changes in the composition of the main polysaccharide groups of oil seed rape straw following steam explosion and saccharification
Biomass and Bioenergy 61 121-130

Wood I. P., Elliston A., Collins S. R., Wilson D., Bancroft I., Waldron K. W. (2014)
Steam explosion of oilseed rape straw: Establishing key determinants of saccharification efficiency
Bioresource Technology 162 175–183

Zhao X., Moates G. K., Wellner N., Collins S. R. A., Coleman M. J., Waldron K. W. (2014)
Chemical characterisation and analysis of the cell wall polysaccharides of duckweed (Lemna minor)
Carbohydrate Polymers  111 410–418
DOI: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2014.04.079

Waldron K.W. (Ed.) (2014)
Advances in Biorefineries.
Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge

Elliston A., Collins S. R. A., Wilson D. R., Roberts I. N., Waldron K. W. (2013)
High concentrations of cellulosic ethanol achieved by fed batch semi simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of waste-paper.
Bioresource Technology 134 117-126

Fava F., Zanaroli G., Vannini L., Guerzoni E., Bordoni A., Viagg D., Robertson J. A., Waldron K. W., Bald C., Esturo A., Talens C., Tueros I., Cebrián M., Sebõk A., Kuti T., Broeze J., Macias M., Brendle H. G. (2013)
New advances in the integrated management of food processing by-products in Europe: Sustainable exploitation of fruit and cereal processing by-products with the production of new foods (NAMASTE EU)
New Biotechnology 30 (6) 647-655

Holopainen-Mantila U., Marjamaa K., Merali Z., Kasper A., De Bot P., Jaaskelainen A. S., Waldron K. W., Kruus K., Tamminen T. (2013)
Impact of hydrothermal pre-treatment to chemical composition, enzymatic digestibility and spatial distribution of cell wall polymers
Bioresource Technology 138 156-162

Horn N., Wegmann U., Dertli E., Mulholland F., Collins S. R. A., Waldron K. W., Bongaerts R. J., Mayer M. J., Narbad A. (2013)
Spontaneous mutation reveals influence of exopolysaccharide on Lactobacillus johnsonii surface characteristics
PLoS ONE 10.1371/ journal.pone.0059957

Meor Hussin A. S., Collins S. R. A., Merali Z., Parker M. L., Elliston A., Wellner N., Waldron K. W. (2013)
Characterisation of lignocellulosic sugars from municipal solid waste residue
Biomass & Bioenergy 51 17-25

Merali Z., Ho J. D., Collins S. R. A., Le Gall G., Elliston E., Kasper A., Waldron K. W. (2013)
Characterization of cell wall components of wheat straw following hydrothermal pretreatment and fractionation
Bioresource Technology 131 226-234

Morris V. J., Belshaw N. J., Waldron K. W., Maxwell E. G. (2013)
The bioactivity of modified pectin fragments
Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre 1 (1) 21-37

Waldron K. W., Moates G. K., Merali Z., Collins S. R. A., Wilson D. R., Brocklehurst T. F., Bragg N. C., Carter S. (2013)
Retaining cell wall structure in producing quality composts to replace peat as growing media.
International Symposium on Growing Media, Composting and Substrate Analysis
1013 (X) 181-188

Balu A. M., Budarin V., Shuttleworth P. S., Pfaltzgraff L. A., Waldron K. W., Luque R., Clark J. H. (2012)
Valorisation of orange peel residues: waste to biochemicals and nanoporous materials
CHEMSUSCHEM 5 (9) 1694-1697

Lake I. R., Hooper L., Abdelhamid A., Bentham G., Boxall A. B. A., Draper A., Fairweather-Tait S., Hulme M., Hunter P. R., Nichols G., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Climate change and food security: health impacts in developed countries
Environmental and Health Perspectives 120 (11) 1520-1526

Maxwell E. G., Belshaw N., Waldron K. W., Morris V. J. (2012)
Pectin – An emerging new bioactive food polysaccharide
Trends in Food Science and Technology 24 (2) 64-73

Merali Z., Mayer M. J., Parker M. L., Michael A. J., Smith A. C., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Expression of a bacterial, phenylpropanoid metabolising enzyme in tobacco reveals essential roles of phenolic precursors in normal leaf development and growth
Physiologia Plantarum 145 (2) 260-274

Vivekanand V., Ryden P., Horn S. J., Tapp H. S., Wellner N., Eijsink V. G. H., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Impact of steam explosion on biogas production from rape straw in relation to changes in chemical composition
Bioresource Technology 123 (11) 608-615

Wood I. P., Elliston A., Ryden P., Bancroft I., Roberts I. N., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Rapid quantification of reducing sugars in biomass hydrolysates: Improving the speed and precision of the dinitrosalicylic acid assay
Biomass & Bioenergy 44 117-121

Zhao X., Elliston A., Collins S. R. A., Moates G. K., Coleman M. J., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Enzymatic saccharification of duckweed (Lemna minor) biomass without thermophysical pretreatment
Biomass & Bioenergy 47 354-361