The Biorefinery Centre offers a one-stop shop for biomass evaluation and valorisation up to pilot scale level with facilities for biomass pretreatment, enzymolysis and bioreactors for liquid, solid and dispersed systems.  The Centre also supports start-of-the-art analytical facilities both within the centre and the Institute of Food Research.  Please click on the sections below for further information on our facilities or contact us for further information.

Biomass Pretreatment


  • We have equipment  ranging from of 1 ml to 30 L allowing treatments up to 230°C in a variety of chemical conditions
  • 30 L steam explosion pilot facility

Size reduction

  • Facilities for particle size reduction from maceration and shredding to dry and freeze milling.

Particle separation

  • We can fractionate wet or dry particles from lab scale to 1000l


Chemical Hydrolysis

  • We can perform chemical hydrolysis on the scales of 1 ml up to 30 L

Enzymatic treatments

  • Our enzyme treatment facilities allow the scale of 1 ml to 2000 L

Bioreactors for liquid, solid and dispersed systems

braun3Bioreactors for microbial liquid culture

  • We have facilities from 1 ml up to 100 L

Bioreactors for high concentrations of biomass

  • We can handle dispersed solid biomass as small as 1ml scale for screening
  • High biomass concentrations can be handled at 5-10 L or 500-2000 L scale.

Analytical facilities


  • Gas Chromatograph (GC) with flame ionisation detector (FID)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC) with Photo Diode Array Detector (PDA) and Refractive Index (RI) Detector
  • Plate reader (96 well plate assays, 200-400nm)
  • Plate reader (fluorescence capability)
  • uV/vis spectrophotometer (single cuvette)